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Simply put, my goal as a copywriter at Copy + Content is to help small to medium-sized businesses communicate their brand effectively to boost sales.

Often brands struggle to tell their story to users and consumers. Brand owners are passionate about their product but find it difficult to put this into concise, easy-to-read copy. That’s where I as a copywriter come in.

I help to untangle the thoughts in your head, existing copy and brand story into effective content with a punch. Let’s chat! 


I worked in Germany as a copywriter and editor for 4 years but am now back in Cape Town. Here is a list of notable clients I’ve worked with and companies that I’ve worked for.

– I was the online and print editor for The South African, and you can read my articles here.

– Read my travel articles as part of two brand’s content marketing strategy on Bizcommunity.

– I wrote the website copy for Hideaways Africa; copy has since changed in places.

– Personal essays about belonging, travel and third-culture on Denizen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]